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About us

The presentation and the essential
and extraordinary realisation are the major
factors of success for each stand at a trade fair,
each shop and each event.

For more than 20 years we have been working
as full-service provider in the areas mentioned.
Our headquarters/plants in Berlin and Düsseldorf
enable us to be present at all European exibition sites
and event locations.

Our objective is to experience
brands/labels individually ,
telling stories and creating unforgettable

 unique adventures.

We know how to reflect whatever
moves the world through creative
and successful Live Communication,
strategic thinking, amazing design
and implementation.

We offer the conception, planning and final
realisation - individual product placement
due to customers‘ demands.

Prior to actual business are our personal
and long-term business relationships
with our customers - solid,
mutual connections based on
incentive and validation.